Norlan glasses make for stunning gifts. Whether given alone or grouped with other accessories and spirits, they are a highlight every gifting season. Regardless of whether the recipient drinks whisky or not, our glassware tends to become a prized possession in any home cabinet.


Here we've provided some questions and answers to give you a head start. When you're ready to start the conversation...


Do you offer customization or personalization?

At the moment, we are not able to provide custom engraving or alterations to our packaging, but we are working on a program for this.

Do you offer custom boxes or gift wrapping?

Unfortunately, we do not provide custom boxes or gift wrapping at this time.

Can I get samples?

We offer a 50% discount on samples to qualifying parties interested in reviewing products prior to purchase.

What is the minimum quantity for bulk purchase discounting?

Our bulk purchase discounting starts with as few as 15 units. But in order to reap the benefits of buying in bulk, purchases of 50 or 100 units and more will receive highere discounting.

What is the lead time?

Shiping lead times depend on the size of the order and stock availability. We can often accommodate modest bulk purchases within a week. Larger orders of thousands of units may require a longer lead time depening on our production schedules.


What are your payment terms?

All orders of in-stock items must be paid in full prior to shipping. In some cases, shipping costs will be invoiced separately after receiving a quote and these must also be paid prior to dispatch.

In the case where an order is placed with a longer lead-time due to insufficient stock availability, a deposit will be required to proceed with the order.

What is your return policy for corporate gifting?

All sales that qualify for bulk purchase discounting are final.


Where will my order ship from?

We are working with a trusted warehouse and fulfillment partner based in Pennsylvania and southern California.

How are shipments handled?

Smaller bulk purchases can be shipped by standard carrier such as the USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Larger orders that require palletization can be made available for collection by the client or we can provide shipping via truck.