The Kist is a special edition case containing eight Norlan Whisky Glasses. Originally designed for our Kickstarter campaign and developed with luxury casegoods manufacturer Method Studio in Scotland, this handmade item is being produced in extremely limited quantities. 


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A keeper of precious things, holding the exploded sand that will hold your delicate fluid.


The Kist is meticulously handcrafted and features a series of faceted edges and details which relate to those found on our glass. Inside, a dusty white, custom laser-cut leather container serves to hold the eight glasses like a diamond holding sunlight. The flat, removable lid is held in place with blackened rare-earth magnets, safely concealing the inverted glasses in their respective silo’s.


  • Includes 8 Norlan Whisky Glasses
  • Dimensions: 324mm wide x 324mm long x 136mm high
  • Hand sculpted, faceted solid oak with magnetic closures
  • Moisture resistant MDF "shelf" with laser cut ECCO leather lining
  • Stained with black spirit stain and hand rubbed black patinating wax finish

About Method

For generations, the Robinson family has designed and handcrafted truly remarkable objects. Their story began more than three decades ago in a small, dusty workshop on the East coast of Scotland. Perfecting his craft was David — a designer, cabinetmaker and master-woodcarver.

Using traditional techniques practiced by a dwindling handful, and the finest locally sourced materials, David allowed his craftsmanship to speak for itself. Known, and admired, by the few who knew where to look, David’s work was uncompromising, pure and utterly personal; the definition of bespoke.

When he came of age, David began to teach his craft to his eldest son, Callum. As the years passed, he too honed his skills. Side by side, father and son worked together for over a decade, forging an unspoken creative bond.

In time, Callum met and married a beautiful and talented architect and designer, named Marisa. Both were deeply passionate about design, as well as the integrity and beauty of natural materials.

But both too had wanderlust in their blood. Together, they travelled the world, discovering the priceless gift of experience. Inspired by their journeys, but drawn irresistibly back to their homeland, Callum and Marisa returned to Scotland in 2009. Here, they established Method: an atelier for the discerning, creating sophisticated, solid hardwood and leather trunks and casegoods, unlike any other.

Timeless. Authentic. Luxurious.

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