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The Vawe Highball Glass is the meeting point of advanced digital design, inventive production techniques and the intimate whisky ritual.

Its name is taken from the Old Scottish Dictionary word vawe, describing the motion of water in a rolling, surging fashion.  Accordingly, the glass has been developed for the application of tall whisky drinks mixed with ice and soda, or simply water—mizuwari as the Japanese practice is called. 

And for the occasions calling for a handcrafted cocktail, the glass features a core innovation. Inside lies an array of extruded chevrons radiating from the center, angled and engineered to provide friction for muddling soft herbs and citrus oils. 

Non-leaded crystal
- Grey edition features a transparent grey lacquer exterior coating.
- Black edition features a matte black lacquer exterior coating with a smoke-mirrored underbase.
6" high, 2.6" diameter at rim
~ 10.1 fl oz
~ 1.6 lb
Packed singly in an elegant gift box
Czech Republic
A design by Sruli Recht


Is the highball glass dishwasher safe?

We recommend you always hand wash and dry your glasses with a non-abrasive cloth to ensure their longevity. 

Can the highball glass be stored in the freezer?

While pre-chilling a tumbler in advance of making a cocktail is a common practice, this is not generally done with highball glasses.

We do not recommend storing the highball in the freezer for any extended period of time. We also do not recommend ever subjecting the glass to thermal shock, such as by adding copious amounts of ice directly to a recently washed highball that may hold residual heat.

Can the glass be engraved?

While we do not offer engraving services, any engraving specialist should be more than happy to work on these glasses.

Note: The black and grey editions are coated in a lacquer. Engraving the exterior will remove this finish.

How is the glass packaged?

The Vawe Highball Glass is packaged in an elegant black corrugated box with a printed outer sleeve.