The Drave Water Pipette balances advanced digital design and precision machined production for the intimate whisky ritual.

It takes its name from the Old Scottish word "to draw"—water into the pipette, an altered aroma into the nose, an extended spirit onto the tongue. This is an object for the whisky alchemist in you, transforming your spirit through the slow, ritualized addition of water to whisky. Drop. By. Drop.

The pipette pulls the eye into perspective acrobatics, a square profile that manages to compress its dimension around a vacuum bore. 

The aluminum is first extruded and milled, then tumbled against porous rocks before being anodized and finally shock sprayed to create a uniquely textured matte surface. 

The depressions on the ends are tailored to fit the fingertip, allowing you, the user, to arrest the central pull of gravity by vacuum, and draw water from your vessel.

Anodized and shock spray painted
7.9" long, 0.4" square
1.34 oz.
Packed in an elegant gift box
Precision machined in China
Sruli Recht

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jorge P.
Enhance aroma and flavor

Is true the impact that a few drops drops of water has on the whisky

Gordon L.
Whisky experience.

My Norlan glasses/tumblers and pipette have increased the enjoyment of drinking my favorite whiskies.
I think the prices were very reasonable and the products of very high quality.
Will be gifting to special friends.

Barbara L.

Love the glasses

Theodora G.
Classy and beautiful

I bought the glasses and the water pippet for a gift for my husband and it was a great choice.
Stylish design and when there is whiskey in the glass it create a visual illusion that the glass top trim is gold. Very happy with the purchase


How much water should I add to my whisky?

How much you add is really up to you.
But to start, there are 20 drops of water in 1 ml.
The Drave Water Pipette is designed to be a 1 ml measure of water when taken from the submerged triangular facets.
A recommended pour in the Norlan Whisky Glass is 20 to 40 ml.
To dilute a dram by 10% in the Norlan Whisky Glass, take two drops from the pipette for a 20 ml pour or four drops for a 40 ml pour.

How do I clean the pipette?

Wash with a mild detergent and thoroughly rinse. Use a soft bristle pipe cleaner to dry the inner bore.